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Basic2 dress - Jester

black / purple / jade
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first order setup charge - see notes below


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Product Description

FIRST ORDER SETUP CHARGE - you only have to pay this once on your very first order. Even if you order more dresses later on, provided they're the same design and the same colour you don't need to pay the setup charge again.
Here's how to add the first order setup charge to your order. Choose the first size that you want to put into your shopping basket, select YES in the drop down menu for first order setup charge, leave the quantity as "1" and add to your basket. This will add the setup charge to your order just once. Now choose the same size again if you need more of that size or select your next size, select NO in the drop down menu for first order setup charge, then enter any quantity to add them to your shopping basket. Continue ordering sizes and quantities that you need, each time selecting NO in the first order setup charge drop down menu.
On any repeat orders select NO in the first order setup charge drop down menu for all of your sizes.
It's not hard really, but don't panic if you mess it up, we will fix it at our end when we receive the order if necessary.
LENGTH ADJUSTMENTS - the centre back measurement shown on the sizing chart below is the standard length for that size. Dresses ordered as shorter or longer will be 5cm shorter or 5cm longer than the standard length as shown on the sizing chart.
OPTIONAL NAME OR LOGO - you can have any text such as your team name, individual names or sponsor name on the back of the dress, or you can have a logo, or you can have both text and logo. If you require a logo you will need to email the logo to sales@thenetballshop.com.au - please note that logo files must be provided as an Illustrator, eps or vector PDF file.  We do not accept logos in jpeg, gif, Word, Publisher, Excel, MS Paint or Corel Draw formats, or by fax.